Learning Log for BOL 101 McDaniel College

I am currently enrolled in a training session at McDaniel College as we begin to implement an online learning system. As part of the requirement, I am to keep a learning log. We have just completed our first week and here is a bit of my reflection from the class.

I continue to be intrigued by online learning and the concept of andragogy. I am very familiar with the concept of having social, teacher, and cognitive presence in the digital classroom but develping a sense of comfort and trust plays a very important role in developing that social presence. The trick will be to have Deaf candidates comfortable in an English-rich text environment, which is very different from how each functions in a daily situation. Conducting academic discourse via ASL is such a normal and comfortable means of sharing thoughts and to change the dynamic to an English-text environment will be very different. As I progress forward I want to pay attention to ways that will enhance the learning without closing the language filters.

I have not tried Wimba yet, but this may be a way to conduct the course in a visual environment. Another possibility would be to establish a private YouTube account and have all responses uploaded to YouTube. Then, each clip can be embedded to Bb so that responses will be in ASL. I saw Steve’s video on the announcement but he still did not answer me as to how did this … will have to ask again.


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