Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Spring 2010

Greetings … Hola!

We made it! Our day began by picking up students on campus at 6:30 am and driving to Washington National to catch a 10 am flight to Florida. Though we left in plenty of time, barring rush hour traffic, we arrived at the airport around 9 am. this was still plenty of time to make our flight. Once we arrived in Florida, we settled in for a 5.5 hour layover. Knowing this, we exited our terminal and walked to another terminal to have some lunch. Unfortunately, we returned to our departure terminal only to learn our flight was on delayed status. Storms had developed in the Florida area and this was impacting arrivals and departures. Our original departure time of 6:18 pm was pushed back to 8:30 pm and we landed at 10:10 pm (EST). The Dominican Republic runs in AST, meaning we arrived at 11:10 pm local time. Checking through Customs was a breeze and our taxi service driver was waiting for us, sign in hand, to bring us to our hotel, the Intercontinental ( The hotel check-in  was just as easy and we settled in for our 8-day trip very tired!

Here is our agenda for the week:

Saturday: Sightsee and food shop — acclimate

Sunday: Deaf church and mingle with Deaf community — history of the Deaf on the island from Native Deaf Dominicans

Monday & Tuesday: teach all day at the Sabana Perdida school, one of the poorest areas of Santo Domingo

Wednesday: R&R .. students are screaming for the beach but the weather may not cooperate

Thursday: Santiago to visit the Deaf school in the north .. teach lesson there

Friday: National Deaf School in Santo Domingo … will teach lesson in the morning and do workshop with the teachers in the afternoon. Final dinner to say good-bye.

Saturday: return to DC/McDaniel

As you can see, we are teaching lessons at the different schools we are visiting. Our lessons pertain to hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

More to come as we awake to see how the city unfolds this day.


View from my hotel window

Waking up on first day!

Going for a morning dip?


2 Responses to “Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Spring 2010”

  1. dottie Says:

    glad to hear all is safe & everyone is doing well. cloudy, rainy & breezy here in frederick, might be a good day to stay indoors!

    looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing more as the week progresses. hi to students!

  2. Amy Says:

    nice hotel, dad! 🙂

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