11 March 2011 Santo Domingo … or Bust! (Day #1)

Hola todos los personas (Everyone),

This is the first blog entry by me, Martha Harris. I am a junior at McDaniel College.

We are safely nestled into our lovely hotel bed attempting to catch some long needed zzzzssssssss from a very exciting and eventful day.

Microtel ... departing at 4am, 3/11/11

We left the cold land of Maryland at 6:15 and enjoyed a quick snooze upon our arrival at the land of Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta. Here, at the Atlanta airport, we ate Panda Express, Qudoba, and more… We left Atlanta a little delayed but we did not care because we were sleeping, reading, and catching up on homework. Nevertheless, as we approached the ocean, all of our glances were out the window, admiring the magnificent beauty of the ocean and it’s colors. We landed in our new home (well, at least for spring break) at 2:30 (1:30 MD time), to wonderful 80-degree weather (anyone jealous,ye?)! We, then, arrived at our hotel, and enjoyed a bit of free time, which some peers spent shaking their jet lag, while other spent time bedside the pool, tanning. Around 6:30, we began our first adventure at our new home and ventured out for food. We found ourselves at a nice authentic restaurant were we pick what we wanted for dinner from a serving line and were served, waiter-type-style. Next door, we had a delicious bakery, where we could choose between an endless number of  desserts and cakes. Following this, an old friend of Dr. Mark, who is a prospering Deaf businessman and barber was, luckily, working when we checked into his barbershop. Happy to see us, he invited us up to visit his wife and home. At his house, we met several Deaf friends, as well as joked around, learned safety precautions for the area, and shared stories and adventures. WOW! What a day! This is just day one of our adventures in the Dominican Republic … cannot wait until day two.

A fun night of meeting new friends

Hasta luego,

Martha over & out J

PS any pictures? Send them this way and let’s get them up on the blog.


One Response to “11 March 2011 Santo Domingo … or Bust! (Day #1)”

  1. Dr. Harris Says:

    nice commentary thank you for the blow by blow I could see …you can sense your happiness and excitment in every line every descriptor even in the ending….

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