Sunday Fundayyyy in Santo Domingo!!! (Day #3)


This is day three of our trip in Santo Domingo. My name is Katie Corson and I am a junior at McDaniel College. After a busy day of exploring the Colonial Zone yesterday, we left the hotel around 10:45am to go to a Deaf church service.

When we arrived at the church we were told that the Deaf service was on the third floor. When we walked upstairs it was a SMALL room with school desks and a chalkboard. Sunday school was still in session, so we waited for only a few minutes until it was over. The first Deaf person to arrive at church was Ina. She was a very small, friendly woman. Next, the Deaf pastor Hector and his wife Belkis arrived. Other church members we met were Victor, Pamela, George, and Calina.

Ina, Hector, Calina, and Belkis in conversation

We waited around for about a half an hour to see if any other members would arrive for the church service. While we waited some of the McDaniel students went to the second floor of the church and watched the hearing church service. The people were singing a song and were veryyyy spiritual. Everyone was standing, singing, and throwing their hands up into the air. We returned to the Deaf service which was ready to begin. Hector asked all of the McDaniel visitors to go into the front of the room and introduce ourselves. We all fingerspelled our names, gave our name signs, where we were from, and said if we were hearing or Deaf.

The church service opened with pastor Hector saying an opening prayer. I have never been to a Deaf church service, so it was interesting to see. At my church, I am so used to closing my eyes for the opening prayer. Before today, I never realized that Deaf individuals couldn’t do that; otherwise they wont know the prayer. Next, Belkis signed two popular songs and invited us to follow along.

George in action

After, Ina collected an offering and then George lead the sermon. After the sermon, Hector gave a closing prayer. The service ran from 11:30-12:30.

After church, the eight of us went to lunch with Hector, Belkis, George, and Calina. All twelve of us traveled to lunch in Hector’s van. While at lunch, I learned a lot about George and his family. George is originally from Russia and has lived in the Dominican Republic for seven years now. He was telling us about how he works at a dentist and makes molds. He said that he only makes about $600 a month, but is doing a job that is worth about $1,500. He said that his pay is so much less just because he is Deaf!!! : ( George has a family with three Deaf children. He has two boys and a girl. His four-year-old daughter, Calina, attended church and lunch with him. Calina was sooooo cute and personally my favorite!!!!!

Saying good bye to Calina, Belkis, and Svelta at Hector's home.

After lunch Hector drove all of us back to our hotel. We arrived at the hotel around 3:00pm. We had free time and all six of the girls changed into our bathing suits and took a taxi to the other Marriot Hotel. The pool there was HUGE and it was so pretty. We laid out by the pool for about two hours. When we were at the pool, apparently Mark and Gracen went to go eat ice cream with Hector.

We met at 7:15pm in the lobby to go to dinner and we went to a pizza place. During dinner we discussed our plans for tomorrow. We are all very excited about finally going to a school for the Deaf!!! After dinner we went to an ice cream/frozen yogurt place called Bon. It was delicious!!! Well that’s all for today, we have to wake up really early to travel to the school tomorrow!!! : )


Katie Corson


One Response to “Sunday Fundayyyy in Santo Domingo!!! (Day #3)”

  1. Dr. Eddy Says:

    Nice to know you all are having a great time thus far… from what I have read so far, the visits you have made seem to have a humanizing and motivating effect on your learning process.

    I look forward to ‘hearing’ more of your ‘travels’ and of your ‘cultural experiences.’


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