Day 4 … 14 March 2011 … The Day Has Arrived!

** Warning: any video you click today you may want to turn off your sound so that you do not hear me laughing away!

Today was the BIG day. We have been talking about and preparing for our trip to the Dominican Republic and our days of easing into the culture are over. Today was the day we had to roll up our sleeves and meet the kids. WOW! And, what a day it was. These very young, full of energy college kids

Well .. maybe not too energetic at 9 am

were wiped out by 3pm this afternoon. I am a happy camper! Wink!

We began our day by meeting our driver at the front door at 7:30 am. I think our original driver bailed on us so we had to use a different driver who was not so excited about driving to Sabana Perdida, often referred to as Little Haiti. Life in Sabana Perdida is not like life in Santo Domingo.

I think we all had our eyes open to the way people drive in the DR while trying to arrive at the school. There were a few gasps, a few ‘I don’t believe it’, and a few OMG! But, we did make it to the school despite getting three different directions within two blocks of the school .. lol.

The Directora, Paulina, who was happy to see us, and Juana, our LSDR and Spanish interpreter, were awaiting our arrival. After a brief greeting we were on our way to the classroom. I enjoyed seeing students I had worked with before, and there was a great rapport with these students as we began the lesson on Peter Pan.

Mark in action

If you click on the link, you will see the rehearsal to Peter Pan after we worked through some concepts with the story.

What a ham!

We had a great time and the McDaniel students were super in working with the students.

Jillian and Becky in action during small group

Recess is at 10:15 and we had brought along bubbles to play with the students. The classroom we were in during the morning was upstairs, so when I came walking down the stairs, with the camera rolling, it was neat to see the students reactions to seeing me again. Click here to see their reactions. The McDaniel students had fun interacting with the Sabana Perdida students during recess time.

Paulina provided a scrumptious, but huge, lunch for us today. So much food, that it was hard to stay awake in the afternoon. WHEW! I think we want coffee at lunch so we have the energy in the afternoon. The afternoon group was a bit different from the morning group.

Sorry I cut your head off from this picture but I did capture you hands.

There is not as much language, written-wise, as compared to the morning, but the signing and the ability to retell the story was wonderful.

Go for it, Katie

Having the students attempt to put thoughts on paper was the real challenge. This will be part of the workshop that will occur tomorrow with the teachers while the McDaniel students do follow-up activities on pirates with the students. I hope all goes well.

Our friend, Pastor Hector, drove out to Sabana Perdida to observe and bring us back. He will be our personal driver for the rest of week. I always enjoy Hector’s company. He said that a friend, who lives in Hato Meyer, wants to see me. So, when everyone goes to the beach on Wednesday, I will be with Hector out in Hato Meyer.

Tuesday not only offers a time of challenge for the McDaniel students, but we will also have the opportunity to meet the president of the National Association of the Deaf in Santo Domingo. Tomas Gomez has agreed to meet us Tuesday night to discuss issues facing the Deaf community in the DR. This should be a great opportunity for our McDaniel students.

After a busy day, we concluded the evening by heading out to a restaurant, which hugs the shoreline of the Caribbean Sea, Adrian Tropical. Having dinner on a deck, watching the waves roll in and the pelicans dive for food is a great relaxing experience.


One Response to “Day 4 … 14 March 2011 … The Day Has Arrived!”

  1. Dr. Eddy Says:

    What a wonderful 4th day must be for all of you! (Mark, you need not to worry about me hearing you laughing — grins). The very idea of having the Peter Pan story re-narrated in their native/natural language is so very assuring. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more of what you plan to do before you return to the States.


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