March 16, 2011 … A day of Sun at Boca Chica

Greetings!! This is Emma Adams speaking and I’m here to give you the recap of Day 6 of our trip in the Dominican Republic. Today was a day of relaxing and lots of sun!

Life is good.

We woke up this morning at 9:30am to meet Hector and Belkis for some beach time at a private private resort in the beach town of Boca Chica. This is the nearest beach to the capital. We hopped into the car and made the 30-40 minute car ride, still uneasy with the way Dominicans drive. I am still wondering how some of these people got their drivers license. And the people in the United States joke that New Yorkers are terrible drivers. They obviously have never driven in Santo Domingo!

We finally arrived at the resort and came upon this gorgeous beach

Jillian captured a great B&W of the beach as soon as you exit the building.

with lots of people sun bathing and playing in the water.

For those who want color

There was plenty to do at this private beach. You could play beach volleyball, go wakeboarding or waterskiing, etc. Our group decided to relax on the beach and sunbathe. The sky was so blue and sun was shining! A few of us got massages from Belkis, which felt so good! Finally around 5pm and after getting nice and tan (for some us, getting burnt), we headed back to the hotel.

Hector and Belkis join us for a sunny pic.

There was so much traffic getting back to the hotel! It took us well over an hour to get back to the Courtyard Marriott. While we waited in traffic, the entire van decided to have a dance party! Who would have thought we had some talented dancers in the car! We had a good laugh seeing Gracen breaking it down and getting his groove on. (This video is posted on Emma’s Facebook account.)

After getting back to the hotel, we relaxed a bit and then took the van over to the other Marriott Hotel in Santo Domingo where we went to dinner at Champions. Champions was like a typical American sports bar with a pool table for people to play, televisions broadcasting different sports games, and the different autographed jerseys hanging on the walls. I had a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich where the sandwich roll looked to be in the shape of a sombrero while others had wraps and chicken sandwiches. It was quite delicious!

After dinner, we decided to check out the hotel’s casino. Jillian won 1000 pesos($26.50 US) in Black Jack while Martha, Gracen, and Katie played some of the slots. Mark seemed to be the good luck charm this evening. Every time he was near a slot machine, the person would win big! Of course Martha was begging for Mark (aka Rusty) to stay close by. After a long day of fun in the sun and dinner at Champions, we decided to call it quits and head back to the hotel. What a wonderful day it was!


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