19 March 2011 … American Soil, Once Again

We made it home!


We had the luxury of sleeping in … somewhat … Saturday morning and took our last ride through the capital at 10 am on our way to the airport. Our driver, Pedro, was very lively and chatty! We were scheduled to arrive at JFK (NY) at 4:50, but due to the strong wind, we arrived an hour early. I have never arrived that early on a flight before so the tailwind must have been a strong one.

Moving from one terminal to the next at JFK was a bit of a hassle but we all made it through in time to catch our 7:30 pm departure flight on a puddle hopper to BWI and arrived at 9 pm. Unfortunately, two pieces of luggage somehow managed to remain at JFK. After all the paper work was complete, I was able to say my final good-byes to the students as they headed out of the airport. Ahhhhh …. the responsibility of being trip leader is over! I do not know about anyone else, but I finally arrived home at 11:10 pm, glad to be back, and thinking of next year already.

Overall, it was a very good trip and we were able to accomplish most of our objectives. We were able to interact with the children, teach our lessons, learn about life in the DR through a deaf lens, and enjoy the sun. Some comments from the students while reflecting on the trip ….

* stay at one school all week instead of jumping around to different schools;
* bring more individuals and send three or four teams to different schools for the week;
* American school children are spoiled;
* what will be the theme for next year for I would like to go again;
* I learned so much in one short week … wow!;
* the church is really involved in meeting needs of individuals down here, and;
* I would love to come back!

Teaching is a blast!

Our next task is to plan a presentation for the campus community, mainly ASL students, to share the experience. Look for a date soon.

Hasta luego,


When is March 2012?


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