DAY 2 … A Day of Resting


Today was a much more relaxed day than yesterday.  We didn’t have to run around an airport.  Today we got to do anything we wanted to do.  Some of us decided to sit by the pool.Our hotel pool. The weather here has been so nice.  The high has been around 85 degrees.  There has some rain but it has not lasted for long. 

Dr. Rust learned that our driver, Hector, was just hospitalized so Boyd, Max, and Dr. Rust went to Hector’s house to see how he was doing. Hector will continue to be our driver for the week but we know he has to take it easy.

Max and Dr. Rust had their haircut by the Deaf barber.  We learned that he 67 years old and he has been cutting hair for 47 years, yet we still do not know his name, only his sign.

We gathered for dinner and walked to the restaurant owned by the Deaf barber’s son.  The food there was really good and more reasonable than the food we had at the hotel yesterday.  Then, we walked down the colonnade filled with history and shops. Some guy, Francisco, persuaded us to come to a market that was cheaper than what the colonnade had to offer. We followed his lead and walked two blocks north to the shop. Travis was able to purchase his Cuban cigar that he had been talking about. Also, Dr. Rust found mounted tarantula. We will use this specimen for our lesson with the kids this week since we are talking about natural habitats and animals of the DR.

We returned to the colonnade and made it to the end where at Columbus Square.  There were some people performing with drums there with the oldest North American church and a statue of Christopher Columbus as backdrops.  We took the long way back to the hotel and walked past the waterfront.  During our walk, we decided that Boyd is going to be our official photographer.  He has been taking so many pictures on his phone.  We hope that his phone has a lot of memory. Our first 24 hours in the DR is complete.


Jamie Hill


One Response to “DAY 2 … A Day of Resting”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Thank you for your post jamie! Cant wait to see some of Boyd’s Pictures

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