DAY 6 … Fun in the Sun? Boca Chica

Day 6… R&R

We woke up today and headed out of the hotel at around 10 am to go to Boca Chica, which is a beautiful beach about 45 min. east of our hotel.

Many turtles at the hotel. Here is just one of them.

We stopped to pick up Hector and Belkis from their home, and, as usual, Hector took the wheel. We arrived and the first thing we did was scope out the possible places for shade and wouldn’t you know it… not a single patch of shade to be found. Lucky for us the clear blue water was cool to the touch and shallow out to as far as the eye could see. The beach and an admission charge, which was fine by us for it was an all inclusive fee … translation … food and drinks at no cost.

Since it was a day of relaxation, I had a chance to chat with Hector a little bit more, which I liked. We talked about which deaf schools he visits for I noticed on Monday, the children at Sabana Perdida knew him and were really excited to see him. He told me that he usually frequents 2 schools that are associated with churches, particularly churches affiliated with his denomination.

Max and Hector sharing some thoughts while hiding from the sun.

The day started to slow down as we got our bearings and got the lay of the land. Chilling out in the water became the go-to activity for the majority of the day. Our day of relaxation came to an end and we packed up and headed out.

One thing I thought I would never be able to do is fall asleep while Dr. Rust is driving. For anyone who doesn’t understand why this is an astonishing thing, let’s just say the traffic laws in the Dominican Republic are apparently non-existent. And, the other issue is that Dr. Rust likes to sign while driving (the running joke being which knee will he use to drive). But, in all seriousness I would like to commend Dr. Rust on his driving abilities down here, it’s not exactly an easy place to drive in and he does a masterful job. 

When we arrived back to the hotel I realized just what spending 6 hours in the sun does to your body. It crisps it to a fine, pinkish hue, akin the to the red on a coca cola bottle. So having dealt with sun burn, heat rash, and now more sun burn I can honestly say I really am not a huge fan of the sun. Luckily, we enjoyed a frozen yogurt treat, at the one of many Bon shops in the city, to help cool our overcooked bodies. Hopefully we wont be so charred by the time we need to teach tomorrow.

Hasta Mañana,



One Response to “DAY 6 … Fun in the Sun? Boca Chica”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Travis…. You were all a little crispy today! Hope it all gets better !!! Tracy

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