DAY 6 – Boca Chica 20 March 2013

Excitement filled the air as we all woke up this morning eager for a little relaxation at the beach. A 9:10 departure from the hotel allowed everyone extra sleeping time, much deserved after a long day of incredible teaching the day before. As we approached the beach smiles filled the van and joyous thoughts fluttered through everyone’s mind. Upon arrival impatience grew as we waited to check into the resort to allow us access to the beach from 10:00am-5:30pm. Alas we had all received our blue wrist bands and the beach was ours for the taking. Maria Brew led the way as she constantly was complaining about not receiving enough of the amazing sun’s rays.

Immediately the group as a whole searched the fantastic beach to find chairs to lounge in when not enjoying the ever so clear water. The commercials about the water in the Bahamas and their amazing resorts did no justice to the experience we faced today. Everyone immediately lathered up on their sun screen trying to avoid some serious burning; however the burning process was inevitable for most. Everything at the resort was inclusive except for some interesting boat rides which some of our more adventurous students partook in.

Sydney Flores, Justin Rines, and I decided the price of 600 pesos was worth the enjoyment of a new experience while riding the sky ride. The sky ride was a flat inflatable boat which was pulled by a speed boat and after many close calls with flying off the surface we eventually all tipped over leaving Erin Murray and Maria Brew laughing hysterically while monitoring from the speed boat.

Athon Decker, Casey Roberds and Joe Rollins soaked up the sun while constantly engaging in conversation with everyone in the group. Haley Erickson and Emily Sanders both also partook in such activities. Haley introduced the majority of us to a nice young man from Haiti who was in the Dominican Republic for a week much like ourselves. Even though the language barrier was slightly difficult to comprehend conversation flowed like no other.

Around 4:30 we all had come up with the idea to partake in one last bonding exercise as we delightedly decided to play volleyball. Even though each one of us had different competitive levels and experiences with the game no one looked at it in a negative sense. We all just enjoyed the time together even when Athon, 6’5, spiked willingly on the much smaller Joe Rollins and me. Not only did we play this game, but several people from other countries (India, Canadian, and Russian) including the proud people of the Dominican Republic jumped right in to complete the pleasure. Everyone was complete smiles throughout the day while we were at the beach and there was no way to change this smile from a frown for any of us.

At night we all were allowed to eat wherever we wanted. This basically split everyone into two groups. The first group decided to go eat near the deaf barber and had a chance to interact with him. The other decided to go and explore the town a little more and spent a wonderful night a few miles away from the resort at a small taco shack. Overall the night just added an extra cultural experience to the trip. The day finished as a success. Back to work tomorrow.

-Tim Gainsborg


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