DAY 7 – Santa Rosa 21 March 2013

This morning was a rough morning for my roomie, Erin, and I. Mark had to call twice…whoopies! But, after the lovely wake-up calls we were ready to start the day and teach some science! We all piled our way into the van and began our journey to Santa Rosa.
Interestingly enough, this is the first year of signing for the school. Mark prepared us for the worst, however, the students were much better than we had anticipated! Some kids did not know the sign for love, but my group (Tim, Emily and I), taught them all the sign…then posed for some pictures! The kids had a great time learning about the sun, stars, and especially the planets!

A new experience.

A new experience.

During our break, the boys played some basketball with the kids and Athan dunked some baskets, how could he not with his height? The girls and I just chatted with the students and learned all about their school and home life. The kids were so sweet and happy that we were there! Santa Rosa has been one of my favorite and prettiest schools we’ve been too!
After teaching we left for lunch and ended up at a cute little restaurant that Hector choose…so we knew it was going to be good! We combined some tables and sat down for a nice meal. However, with our lack of espanol, we had a hard time reading the menu. Luckily, the owner of the restaurant came out to help! He recommended the Ropa Vieja de Falda de Res, which a bunch of us ordered, including myself. It was delish! The owner was nice enough to give us a free appetizer, although, it was pig skins….weird right? I was curious about the taste so I tried them, but I was not a fan. The pig skins didn’t go to waste cause a few of the boys actually enjoyed them. Near the middle of the meal we met Hectors friend, Hairo, who was really nice!
After lunch we went back to the hotel to change our clothes so we could play some volleyball with kids from the deaf community here in Santo Dominigo.

Having fun with members of the Deaf Community.

Having fun with members of the Deaf Community.

We all had such a blast! One boy thought Tim, Justin, and Casey were deaf, but to his surprise they said they were hearing! Athan and I played volleyball with the girls for the longest time! And these girls were so good! They told me that they practice three times a week for about two hours straight! That’s dedication. All in all, we had such a great time and we couldn’t believe how fast the day went by!

All in all, I’m a lovin the Dominican Republic!:)
Buenos Noches!

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