DAY 9 Heading Home 23 March 2013

An early morning start to the airoport.

An early morning start to the airoport.

Alas, our amazing experience traveling, exploring, and teaching in the Dominican Republic came to an end. Though we were not teaching today, we still had to wake up early in order to make it to the airport in time. In fact we had to wake up about two to three hours earlier than usual, 4:30 am!

Tim and I were the first to arrive at the front desk, thus followed by the rest of the group a little after 5. We packed the van, said our goodbyes and thank yous to Mark; he was staying in the DR for a few more weeks.  We were all extremely exhausted in the van on the way to the airport, but I think deep down we were all ready to get back to America. As we arrived to the airport and received our tickets we had noticed that the girls, Maria, Erin, Sydney, Casey, Haley, and Emily, had first class tickets. While they were quite ecstatic from such great news, Tim, Joe, Athan, and I came to realization that we were stuck in business class.  However, we did not mind too much due to the fact that by the end of our first flight, the girls and the boys made an agreement to switch tickets from Miami to BWI.

Saying 'Adiios'.

Saying ‘Adiios’.

Our view heading home.

Our view heading home.

Once we arrived in Miami things became a bit hectic because no one knew the difficult process it took to renter the United States, especially without Mark by our side. Though it was a frustrating experience going through customs, we still had about two hours to eat and relax before our next flight. During this time all of us basically gathered around, played with our phones (we were not able to use them all week), and joyfully spoke of our experience in the DR and of how much we were going to miss it.

Around 2:30 p.m. our final flight to BWI was ready for departure.  The flight was a little rough because we caught the tail end of a storm, but for the most part, we all used this time to catch up on a little sleep. Well, except for Maria due of Erin’s loud snoring.  We landed in BWI safe and sound, but we were not excited about the cold weather since we had high 80’s all week.  Finally we grabbed our luggage, said our good byes for the time being, and made our way back to McDaniel College. To summarize our trip, I think we all collaborated and realized that we were sent on this trip to teach deaf students about science, which we did so and loved doing. Yet in reality, the true reason was to show these kids that there are people who truly care about them and to see their excitement and smiling faces completely made this trip to the Dominican Republic worthwhile.

Justin Rines


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