19 Marzo 2014 – A Day of R & R

¡Hóla todos!

Today we went to a beach resort, Barcelo Capella, in the town of Juan Dolio. It was a nice day of just relaxing after a couple really busy days of teaching. There was a great all-you-can-eat buffet that everyone was really excited about. One of the things I thought was really interesting was the restaurant was an open air restaurant; there were birds flying around inside. One of the things that’s different about beaches in the Dominican Republic is that there are vendors wandering around trying to sell you their wares. You can’t even make eye contact with them or they’ll swarm you. Chris managed to get rid of them by telling them he was Deaf.

There was one guy walking around with two parrots, an iguana, and a monkey and when Cinthya and Jennifer went to talk to him, he let Jennifer hold the monkey. It tried to get in Jennifer’s purse and the guy jokingly told us that the monkey was looking for money. Cinthya handed it a coin. It dropped the coin and tried to unzip her purse. It turns out the monkey was looking for food.

There were lots of great activities to do during the day. There were merengue lessons and a mini golf tournament. They also had music playing, so part of the group started dancing on the ledge between pools when the resort staff had a dance demonstration. During the mini golf tournament, when everyone was dancing, one of the staff members started dancing with Stephanie and his coworker hit him over the head with her clipboard. He also decided to show off his golf skills and let Stephanie emcee the tournament for a little while.

The day went by so fast and before we knew it we were getting in the van to go back to Santo Domingo. On the way, we passed a truck full of guys and some of the girls in the group thought it would be funny to blow kisses. The guys were really surprised. Usually they just get ignored when they hit on girls. We also discovered that blowing kisses must be something that they don’t do in the Dominican Republic because they seemed confused by the concept.

Overall, it was a restful day and a nice break from the fast pace of teaching. It was nice to just relax on the beach and goof around for a while.

– Karyn OttoImage


One Response to “19 Marzo 2014 – A Day of R & R”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I love hearing about the fun you had!! I love that you guys stepped out and danced and had some fun. The pictures are great too. the pool and the oceans are so blue!!! I hope you guys put on that SUNSCREEN!!! LOL
    Tracy – the shuttle driver and sunscreen reminder!!

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