13 Marzo 2015

Learning how to manage our money.

Learning how to manage our money.

Our adventure to the Dominican Republic began with a 3:15 AM wake up call to our hotel rooms nearby the BWI airport. Groggy but excited, the eight girls (three from McDaniel, five from Towson) loaded into the airport shuttle behind our fearless leader, Dr. Mark Rust. After two short flights, six passport checkpoints, and several fits of sleep-deprived delirium induced giggles, our group finally arrived in warm, sunny Santo Domingo. We shed our jackets, buzzing with excitement! We hopped into a van and plummeted perilously through the erratic streets of Santo Domingo, traveling to the Crowne Plaza hotel. Once we were checked in and settled, it was time to explore!

On our way to the bakery.

On our way to the bakery.

Fearless Leader Dr. Mark led us down the block to his favorite bakery across the street from his residential friend, the Deaf barber. As we each sampled the authentic Dominican cuisine, Dr. Mark introduced us to the friendly barber, who filled us on community gossip and history. Later we relaxed by the hotel pool and marveled over the differences between American and Dominican money, language, and cultural behavior. Together, we enjoyed a hearty dinner in the hotel restaurant and then ironed out the finer details of the magnet-based lessons intended for the kids of the Dominican Republic Deaf schools that we would be teaching later in the week.

Traditional Dominican stew.

Traditional Dominican stew.

Exhausted but satisfied, I find myself reflecting on the beautiful scenery I’ve observed in this country thus far, particularly the Independence Monument, which I can see from my hotel window.

View from my window overlooking the Independence monument.

View from my window overlooking the Independence monument.

Despite my tiredness, I am inspired by the immense and colorful structure outside my window and I can’t wait to see what else this vivid new place has in store for me.

Melissa Miller, Towson student


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