14 Marzo 2015


 Our day began at 8:30am a group of us walked to the near by bakery, named Villar Hons. We enjoyed fresh donuts and other yummy baked goods. After breakfast we separated into two groups one group went back to the hotel and got their tan on. The other group walked around the town. Later, we all came together at 12pm to then go out and get lunch. Our fearless leader Mark Rust lead us to our van. We all loaded up in the van and off we went. The driving situation here in Santo Domingo described in one word would be CRAZY! “Honk to your mama” profound words by Mark Rust. Here people honk and are not patient when it comes to driving. Cutting people off is a norm here. Motor bikes are everywhere. While driving on what an American may refer to as a highway people are trying to sell things like windshield wipers, kits, bottles of ice water, sugar cane, mangos, etc. Not on the side of the highway but along the dashes that separate cars, literally in the middle of traffic.
To make pedestrian crossing safer here they have bridges for walking that are located above most of the busy traffic highways. After experiencing all this we found a delicious pizza place called Pala Pizza. Lunch was great we used this time to get to know one another a little more. We went around the table sharing what we want to do after college, some of us knew and some of us did not.
After, lunch it was time to pick up Pastor Hector from his home. Back in the van we went, took us a little while to find his house but when we did he was not home. We were a little late; oops! Traffic to blame for that. However, we decided to just drive to the sports place. Once we arrived Mark Rust immediately noticed his friend Pastor Hector. Excitement was in the air and we all jumped out of the van to meet and watch some handsome Deaf guys play basketball. We walked to the courts to be greeted by rain! We found a near by tent to stand under while the storm passed. We introduced ourselves to Pastor Hector and chatted for about twenty or so minutes. Finally the rain stopped and we met up with the handsome Deaf guys. We introduced ourselves to them and chatted. They were very nice and fun to sign with. We decided to go back to the basketball courts and play around, we were not able to play a real game because the courts were too wet. That did not stop us from having a good time. Time for us to say goodbye to our new friends. The goodbyes included tons of pictures. Eight girls total and five of the girls fell in love with the handsome Deaf men.
Back to the hotel to fill our pockets with money to purchase presents for our loved ones. We traveled back across town to the historical district for shopping and dinner. Many of us made some good buys and had fun walking around. The area we were in had many historical features and was simply beautiful. The weather was amazing not too hot just right,with a little breeze. We ended our night with a nice dinner at a restaurant/hotel named Mecure. We all enjoyed our meals and afterwards we were more than ready to return to our hotel. We had a busy fun packed day! I think it is safe to say we are looking forward to Sunday’s adventures!


Lauren Lewis, McDaniel College

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