15 Marzo 2015

Today we started our day heading to a Deaf church! Hector, our honorary driver, guide, and grandfather, was a guest preacher there for the service.

On our way to church this morning.

On our way to church this morning.

On the drive over we passed a good portion of Santo Domingo, and as we arrived we learned the church was housed in a school where we would be teaching at later in the week. The service was really cool with signed hymns, prayers, introductions of our group by our fearless leader Mr. Mark, and of course Hector’s impactful sermon.

Afterword, we were able to converse with some of the church members, and some of us even were given a sign name!

Savannah and new friend.

Savannah and new friend.

When we headed out, we drove past the new American Embassy built on the north end of town. Wow! Is it grande! We, then, went to the Agora mall, a large mall in the heart of the financial district of the city. We had lunch at the food court and then went to JUMBO of complete our shopping list for our lessons. On our way out, after a stop for ice cream – go BON!, we ran into a group of Deaf folks from a different Deaf church and were able to learn more experiences of the deaf in Santo Domingo.

From there, we headed back to the hotel for an afternoon of relaxing, pool time, and walking the rocky coast of the Caribbean along the Malecon.

Craggy coast across the street!

Craggy coast across the street!

As a full group, we went to dinner a couple blocks away and had good conversations. Now we’re preparing for our first day of teaching tomorrow in San Critabol and we’re all very excited! Keep a look out for our next post!


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