Jan Term: 2017 (Day 3)

Today we had an opportunity to sleep in (due to lack of sleep the previous day) and had an opportunity to take in a bit more of the history of the Dominican Republic and the island of Hispaniola. We had free time to enjoy the amnesties of the hotel until 1230 when we (kind of) got our van for the week (so maybe that was 1230 dominican time which is actually about 1 of clock and maybe it left for a minute- a blooper for our ever growing list but it all worked out in the end even though the van was suppose to be ready at 10am) and and went to pick up Hector Elvis, our driver, general knower of all things here, and one smart Deaf dude.

With Hector, we went to lunch at a lovely Italian restaurant serving a mix of entrees and then to the Museo del Hombre Dominicano, a museum of the island of Hispaniola with the most extensive artifacts of the indigenous people of Hispaniola, the Taíno people.


Busily translating the info.

We went on a tour which was an experience. Our tour guide didn’t know English so we had Rebecca translating into English and from there Dr. Rust and Dottie took turns translating the English into a mix of ASL and LESDOM for Hector. I found the Taíno people to be interesting. They used stone tablets as children to shape the skull to be slightly pointed – this was seen as beautiful and they used some form of narcotics in ceremony they believed would allow them to talk with the gods and see the future. There also used to be a toothless bear and a mute dog on the island but unfortunately these are now extinct.


Hector and Dr. Rust having too much on the stainless escalator at Jumbo.

After taking in some history, we focused on personal needs and went to the local supermarket where we purchased some munchies for our rooms and enough bottled water to drown a fish …. just to make sure we keep hydrating 9 Americans who don’t want to get sick from the tap water. We picked up the rest of our school supplies from the local “Target” store, JUMBO, at the very huge Agora Mall. We briefly walked around before meeting Juana, our interpreter for the week, at the mall’s food court for dinner.

In order to try something that we could not have in America, (lots of chains we know and love in the food court) Rebecca, Brielle and I made the extremely adult decision to have frozen yogurt dinner.


Our Bon (Frozen Yogurt) dessert!

There’s this place called Bon where you pick 3 things (frozen fruit or other edible delights) and they put it in a magical machine that turns it into frozen yogurt. It was really good, although ordering was a struggle as we were tired and kind of giggly. My flavor was strawberry and melocotón (or peach as we figured out later).

Then it was back to the hotel to work on our lessons for tomorrow at the San Cristobal School for the Deaf. Wish us luck and stay tuned! Friday should be a marvelous and interesting day.

Laura Hawk


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