Jan Term Day 7: 16 Jan 2017


day7sanp01Today we had an early wake up call and got to see the sunrise while having breakfast. We left the hotel at 7:30 to go pick up Hector el presidente y Elvis and drove for an hour and a half to San Pedro where we taught about 20 children at the Deaf school there.


We have arrived at San Pedro.

This school was taken and closed down by the government but they are slowly getting the school back up and running.


Alecia doing her job.

This was a really fun school to teach at because all the children were so excited and intrigued about fossils and dinosaurs and asked so many questions. We had a wonderful time!





After teaching at this school, we tried to find a place to have lunch that the director at the school recommended but we could not find it. Instead we went to McDonalds (so American of us).

After driving another 30 min we arrived at the school in La Romana called Escuela de Sordos (translated: School for the Deaf). This school has in total 1,500 students which includes both hearing and Deaf students. The Deaf students are in a separate building and use Sign Language but a while ago, this school used to be only an Oral School.


LaRomana loving the lesson.

In 7th grade, the kids are mainstreamed in the hearing school and they have an interpreter with them. One thing I thought was interesting was that the whole school learns to sign; both hearing and Deaf. This was a tough school to teach at since the kids we were teaching were both hearing and Deaf (which we did not know before arriving at the school!). Brielle and I needed to have a translator with us in our room to translate from Sign Language to spoken Spanish for the hearing children. This would have been ok except that our translator said that her English was very poor so it was hard to communicate both with her and the hearing students. We made it work though!


We communicated by gesturing and having the hearing students use the little signing they know so they could also be involved. The group with Ali, Rebecca and Erin as teachers did much better since Rebecca speaks Spanish. They were able to communicate with everyone using all of the languages. Erin signed, Ali did SimCom (simultaneous communication of signing and speaking English) and Rebecca translated the spoken English to spoken Spanish. I’m so impressed that they made that work!

In the group that Brielle and I taught, the kids spent a long time using the model magic both planning and playing with  their fossils, which had not happened at the other two schools we have visited. I loved the time and energy they put into creating their fossils.

day7sanp05On our drive back to the hotel we saw a wildfire from the brush on the side of the road. I have seen wild fires before on TV but never in real life so I had no idea how much smoke there actually was.


Making a pit stop on the way back to Santo Domingo.

Finally when we got back to the hotel we had time to rest. Then we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant that we like to call “Goat and Juice” restaurant because Laura found her love for goat at this restaurant and we all love the juice they serve. My favorite is the passion fruit juice! day7carivalWhile walking back from the restaurant, we saw some individuals preparing for a Carnival at a local hotel. Dottie and Brielle crashed the performers as they prepared.

Today was a fun filled day and I enjoyed every bit of teaching (even if some students misbehaved 😂). I cannot wait for tomorrow so we can all add to our list of adventures as the days go on!

¡Buenas noches!

-Alecia Reed


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