Jan Term Day 10: 19 Jan 2017

Hola! Today was another busy day in the Dominican Republic. Hector drove us to our school of the day, and amongst all the traffic his love for the car horn continued.


The Escuela entrance.

We taught at the Escuela Nacional De Sordomudos, which is next to the the Deaf Club we visited a few days ago. This is one of the first schools in the country focused on educating Deaf children. Currently, the school has 478 students. Classes begin at 8:00am and students go until 3pm. There have been several changes since Dr. Rust has been there two years and one of the changes is the school now employs 12 Deaf aides and two Deaf teachers. When we arrived there, they seemed to have been some miscommunication and we were not expected to arrive arrive today … oops!  But don’t fret….it was all worked out! We were given a group of 25 kids which we split up into three groups.

day10natmarkWe each taught our lessons three times, thirty minutes each session. It’s always amazing to see a kids eyes light up when they impersonate a dinosaur, or discover the meaning behind the word ‘fosil’.day10natgroup
When we finished teaching, we were lucky enough to be given lunch at the school. We ate with all the kids, and had some delicious chicken and sweet, mashed plantains (yummy!)day10natlunch
The school unexpectedly asked Dr. Rust and Dottie to stay and give the Deaf teacher aides a workshop, so being the amazing Proffesor’s they are they came up with a workshop lesson on the spot. The rest of us piled into the van and went back to the hotel.
On the ride back, Hector Elvis started a jam session and danced with us to loud music all the way back to the hotel. We, then, changed out of our teacher clothes and quickly piled back into the van to visit the El Conde again. We did a little window shopping and had some amazing Bon (frozen yogurt).day10natbon
Once we finished our tasty treats, we retreated back to the hotel and had a little pool time. For dinner we went to a restaurant called Buche’ Perico, which was the definition of amazing. We all had some eclectic cuisines and fresh fruit juice. Once our bellies were full, we went back to the hotel to do our final packing of school supplies in order to prepare for our last day of teaching. See you in two days!!
            -Ali Lewisday10nat28



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