Jan Term Day 11: 20 Jan 2017

Good evening, 

Where do I even start writing? There is so much to write about, but I’ll attempt to keep this short and precise.  

This trip has been an eye-opening experience for me. I have learned so much about Dominican and Deaf culture. I have fallen in love with ALL of the children that I have encounter over the past two weeks. I have fallen in love with the food, lifestyle, and this beautiful weather. 

When I first arrive here I was intimidated because the other girls on this trip knew more sign language than me. I just knew the basic signs because I only took American Sign Language III. I have learned so many new signs while being here and I understand the difference between ASL and LESDOM signs, too. 


Translation: When we work hand in hand, great things happen! (This sums up our week!)

Enough about my experience, lets talk about our LAST teaching day! Our last teaching day was at Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is a Deaf school for children located in on the west side of Santo Domingo. We arrive at Santa Rosa very early in the morning, but we all were excited to teach. The children were very eager to learn about our topic, fosil (Spanish spelling of the word).




We were expecting to set up for our final day of teaching but found the room already set for us – a very special treat. 


The room was pre-set for us and now we are waiting for the second class to join us.


Laura and I have been sharing a children’s story about fossils, a graphic novel written by Bill Thomson.


Fossil, a wonderful book!

This book was a great choice for this trip for there was no printed language meaning we didn’t have to present info printed in English or Spanish. This allowed kids to make up their own storyline. We had a little different interpretation each time we presented the story to the various groups throughout the week, which demonstrated the creative side of the children.


Today we taught two sessions of 90 minutes, which wasn’t bad because we ended right before noon. After a short snack provided by the school,  we visited a cave located just outside Santo Domingo to the east. The cave is called “The Three Eyes” (Los Tres Ojos). The cave’s name refers to the three major lagoons (lagos) which appear to be eyes when viewed from the top. This place was so beautiful! 

The Three Eyes took about an hour to explore the caves. It was an exhaustive walk, but the scenery was just gorgeous. 

day11sbbakery08Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for free time. Laura, Rebecca , and I decided to go to the bakery, just up the street from the hotel. Laura bought a big slice of chocolate cake , Rebecca had raisin bread, and I drooled for the caramel doughnut! That doughnut was so good! I want another one! 

The evening brought us to our last dinner in Santo Domingo. We had a group dinner tonight with Hector and his wife Belkis, Alan, Juana , and her husband, Eric. This was a great way to end the trip. 


From left to right: Laura, Rebecca, Belkis, Alecia,Brielle, Ali, Mark, Sierra, Hector, Dottie, Juana, Erin, Eric, and Alan.


Adios! Dominican Republic, Hello America!

– Sierra Brewer


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